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Espresso Cuatro

Medium roast. Chocolate overtones with a sweet, tangy finish.

Espresso Paladino

Our award winning original espresso. Medium roast. Citrus and chocolate flavors. Wonderful as a drip coffee or as espresso.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

This shade-dried Yirgacheffe is light roasted with mild, approachable acidity. Tasting notes of dark honey and mandarin.

Hidden City

Our darkest roast is composed of caramel, molasses, bitter dark chocolate and pecan flavors.

Knock It Out Blend I - Light Roast

Our Covid-19 relief blend: A crisp and sweet light roast, with natural citrus flavors.

Knock It Out Blend II - Dark Roast

Our Covid-19 relief blend: A subtle and smooth dark roast, with chocolate and black cherry flavors.

Sumatra Arisarina Cooperative

Classic Sumatra full body flavors of spice and dark chocolate. Medium roast.


This light roast was our first blend. Sweet and crisp, with natural citrus flavors.