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Costa Rica Don Mayo

COFFEE DESCRIPTION One of our favorite single origin coffees returns. La Loma Don Mayo has notes of plum and apricot with a smooth, medium body. ABOUT THE FARMDon Mayo is a world famous mill, winning...

Costa Rica La Planada Herbazu

The Barrantes brothers have astounded the coffee world again. Having won the Cup of Excellence award no fewer than 4 times, their emphasis on quality and careful cultivation has become a well-known fact. This year...

Costa Rica Santa Rosa 1900

COFFEE DESCRIPTION Papaya and orange blossom combine to provide subtle tropical notes that are sweet and balanced. Light bodied and pleasantly acidic, the Santa Rosa is well rounded and immediately recognizable. ABOUT THE FARM From one...

Costa Rica Vendeval Los Angeles

Born at a high elevation of 6,000 feet, the ever-delicious Costa Rican catuai varietal Los Angeles coffee zips out of the cup with sparkling flavors of mandarin orange and almond. With a rounded body and bright acidity...

Guatemala Santa Felisa Red Pache Natural

COFFEE DESCRIPTION  This year's Red Pache Natural from Santa Felisa excites the palate with hints of peach and rose hip. Be sure to try the Red Pache Honey processed coffee as well.

Decaf Espresso Paladino

Dependable and resilient, decaf Paladino has been Zoka’s house decaf espresso from the beginning. With it we've taken baristas from behind the counter and made them into champions. Paladino is Zoka’s way of saving the...

Decaf Hidden City

Come explore the hidden secrets of our first ever French roasted decaf coffee. This darkly roasted treasure is perfect to either start your day or help you settle into your evening.  

Decaf Organic Espresso Cuatro

Zoka takes the challenge of finding a good mixture of organic coffees for its decaf espresso Cuatro seriously. This medium roast coffee has sweet notes and a medium body, making this decaf a good choice...

Decaf Tangletown

Like its namesake, the decaf Tangletown blend offers a complex, adventuresome approach to our coffee. Lightly roasted and floral, the tasting notes linger and entice the palate. Whether you're near Greenlake or lost in the...

Decaf Zoka Java

Decaf Zoka Java is a medium bodied, relaxing coffee. It's an ideal choice for afternoon sipping or post dessert enjoyment. We've worked hard to craft a flavor profile different from any other. Floral and chocolaty,...

Nicaragua Java Nica

Direct trade from our partners in Nicaragua- flavors of Dark Chocolate and Raspberry.

Kenya Kanake

Notes of vanilla and green grape.