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Kenya Roi

A light roast, washed, estate-grown coffee. 100% SL28, grown at an altitude of 1915 meters. This coffee has tasting notes of red grapes, sweet honey, lemon and lime. A robust, kaleidoscope of flavors. Limited lot.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

This shade-dried Yirgacheffe is light roasted with mild, approachable acidity. Tasting notes of dark honey and mandarin.

Sumatra Arisarina Cooperative

Classic Sumatra full body flavors of spice and dark chocolate. Medium roast.

Costa Rica Herbazu

A light roast, Typica Mejorado with notes of dark chocolate, wild blackberry and brown sugar.

Colombia Geshe Hacienda La Suiza

A light roast, Washed Geshe, with notes of grapefruit, sugarcane and white chocolate.

Colombia La Palma Y El Tucan

A lactic processed coffee from La Palma Y El Tucan in Colombia. A light roast with cupping notes of lemon zest and fresh raspberries, with a welcome sparkling acidity.

Kenya Giakanja

A fully washed light roast with tasting notes of ruby red grapefruit, jasmine and currant chocolate.