Costa Rica Don Mayo

COFFEE DESCRIPTION One of our favorite single origin coffees returns. La Loma Don Mayo has notes of plum and apricot with a smooth, medium body. ABOUT THE FARMDon Mayo is a world famous mill, winning...

Costa Rica Helsar de Zarcero

COFFEE DESCRIPTION We are excited to share this fantastic coffee from Helsar de Zarcero. This coffee shined on the cupping table and continued to taste better as it cooled. Sweet, black cherry and a medium body...

Costa Rica La Planada Herbazu

The Barrantes brothers have astounded the coffee world again. Having won the Cup of Excellence award no fewer than 4 times, their emphasis on quality and careful cultivation has become a well-known fact. This year...

Costa Rica Santa Rosa 1900

COFFEE DESCRIPTION Papaya and orange blossom combine to provide subtle tropical notes that are sweet and balanced. Light bodied and pleasantly acidic, the Santa Rosa is well rounded and immediately recognizable. ABOUT THE FARM From one...

Costa Rica Vendeval Los Angeles

Born at a high elevation of 6,000 feet, the ever-delicious Costa Rican catuai varietal Los Angeles coffee zips out of the cup with sparkling flavors of mandarin orange and almond. With a rounded body and bright acidity...

El Salvador Malacara B Orange Bourbon

One of our favorite varietals from the Santa Ana region in El Salvador is back. This year’s Orange Bourbon from the Malacara B farm is as delicious as ever. Grown at the high altitude of...

El Salvador Red Bourbon Natural

The Malacara Finca produces some of the best coffees in El Salvador. This delightful Red Bourbon is processed by the natural method, producing notes of strawberry and concord grape.  

Guatemala Santa Felisa Red Pache Natural

COFFEE DESCRIPTION  This year's Red Pache Natural from Santa Felisa excites the palate with hints of peach and rose hip. Be sure to try the Red Pache Honey processed coffee as well.

Guatemala Santa Felisa Red Typica Honey

COFFEE DESCRIPTION The same care and attention to detail that brought us the Red Typica K-72 processed coffee is just as present in Santa Felisa’s Red Typica Honey coffee. Notes of milk chocolate, maple and...

Guatemala Santa Felisa Red Typica Natural

COFFEE DESCRIPTION The Meneses’ have done it again, making the world jealous of the Acatenango Volcano Valley in Guatemala where their beautiful farm grows coffee at 5,400 ft. Flavors of mandarin, pineapple and lemon zest combine...

Guatemala Santa Felisa Yellow Catuai

Notes of sweet, floral honeysuckle combine with a clean finish in the Yellow Catuai from Santa Felisa. This is a great coffee to either start your day or brighten your afternoon.

Nicaragua El Suspiro Orange Bourbon

COFFEE DESCRIPTION Notes of sugarcane and golden raisin pop as this coffee cools. With medium acidity and a clean body, each sip is enjoyable, finishing with hints of caramel.