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Sammamish High School Redhawk Blend

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About the Sammamish Redhawk Coffee Program

The Sammamish Redhawk Coffee Program is a fundraiser for the Class of 2023 Grad Night. Grad Night is an all-night event that’s held the night after Graduation and provides Seniors a safe, fun, and memorable way to celebrate the end of high school among friends. Fundraising is essential for affordable and accessible ticket pricing and each purchase will help us reach our $25,000 goal!

How the Program Works

Whether buying for yourself or as gifts, you can customize your buying to suit your needs - In addition to 6 grind options, you can make a 1-time purchase or set up a subscription and save money. However you buy it, $5 dollars from each bag sold goes directly to the Class of 2023 Grad Night’s $25,000 fundraising goal.

Coffee Tasting Notes

This is a medium-dark roast blend crafted especially for the Sammamish High Redhawk Coffee Program. This coffee is medium bodied and made from coffees from Central and South America. Notes of milk chocolate and molasses highlight this delicious blend. We found this blend was excellent as a warm brew and is also fantastic over ice.

Our Community Partners

This program wouldn’t exist without the support from two great local businesses—the coffee roasters at Zoka Coffee and the brand strategy team at SeaMonster Studios who created our beautiful coffee packaging and developed this website. When you buy this coffee, you’re supporting these businesses too!