FAQs for Zoka’s Subscription Program

Why subscribe?

Fresh roasted coffee is the best way to start your day.  We promise. Our subscription program allows you to save 10% with each and every order.  We remember to send you coffee on your chosen time frame so you never risk running out again.  All coffee is fresh roasted within 48 hours of shipping so you’ll subscription will be way fresher than any coffee in the grocery store.  

Do I have to join for a full year?

No. In fact there is no time commitment at all.  If at any point the subscription service no longer works for you, just cancel. 

How frequently will my shipment come?

That’s entirely up to you.  We have subscription timelines from every single week to every 2 months, with multiple cadence options in between.  Pick the one that fits you best.  And if what you decide at first doesn’t work, you can easily adjust it at a later date.  If you sign up for a weekly subscription on a Monday, your order will always populate on a Monday.  If you sign up for a monthly subscription on the 12th, your order will always reset on the 12th.  

What if I go on vacation?

If for any reason you need to skip a delivery, that is easy to do. Log in to the portal, select manage subscription, select skip delivery.  Choose which delivery to skip and select “Skip delivery.” 

How do I set up my login?

Upon finishing the check out for your first subscription, you’ll receive a Welcome email from Zoka.  The link to register is there.  

How do I access my account after I have built a log in?

On ZokaCoffee.com, look for the person icon in the top right corner.  Click that to be taken to the login screen. 

How fresh is the subscription coffee?

Every bag of subscription coffee is treated just like every other coffee order – it’s roasted to order and shipped the next business day.  Our roastery is closed on Saturday or Sunday, so subscription orders populated over the weekend, will roast and ship on Monday.  

What If I move?

Just log in to the portal using your account, and change your address.  Be sure to save it to ensure it’s set.  Please note it takes a full 7 days to ensure new addresses have worked themselves fully through the system.  

Can I get my subscription coffee ground or is whole bean the only option? 

We’re happy to grind your coffee for your exact brewing method.  

Can I get decaf coffees in my subscription?

Yes.  Decaf options are available under the blends subscription option. 

What if I need help with my subscription?

Our Customer Service Manager, Megan, is always happy to help.  She knows the subscription service inside and out. Email her at Megan@ZokaCoffee.com 

How frequently should I set my subscription?

Advice here – 12 oz of coffee, for the average drinker, lasts approx. 14 days of drinking.  Every brewing habit is different, but this is a good starting point.  If the cadence you chose at sign-up, is too little or too much, it’s easy to adjust it at any time during your subscription period with no penalty.