What Makes Single Origin Coffees So Special?

Single Origin coffees come from one farm or cooperative of farms in one geographical area. Each one goes through a definitive drying process which results in coffees with very distinctive flavors. Our Single Origins are light roasted. Light roasting helps the unique elements of the farm terroir and process shine in the cup. 

How do we select a coffee to be a Zoka Single Origin? In normal times, Founder/CEO Jeff Babcock travels to visit coffee farms and meet the growers. During these trips, he's able to cup hundreds of coffees to select the best to bring home. During Covid-19, we've relied on our relationships with farmers to mail us coffees to sample roast, cup and select from. We score these coffees using the Cup of Excellence® scoring method. Single Origins are typically small harvests of which we purchase small quantities, and that's why we only offer each one for a limited time. These higher quality coffees demand a better price, so we pay up to seven times above that of other beans. Supporting these independent farmers helps them invest in their business and produce even better coffees in the future. 

At Zoka, we identify a Single Origin with a brown label.  Each label names the farm on which the coffee was grown, the processing method and the cupping notes we tasted.