The 3 Most Important Elements To Brewing Great Coffee

Coffee is small science in a cup, controlled by three main factors. Get these items dialed in and you'll be drinking a perfect cup each and every time.  

#1 Be Precise With The Water


There are 3 elements to control regarding the water; temperature, flavor and volume.

Temperature: I like my water at approx. 205 degrees (or just under boil) so it extracts all the natural flavors in the coffee.  Flavor: The water should have no off flavors. Filtered water is the simplest way to stay consistent.  Volume: I'm precise about my coffee so I weigh my water each time. I like 360 grams of water for a 12 oz cup. 

#2 Keep The Grind Consistent

Consistent grind is important. Personally, I brew with a Hario so I like my coffee ground to the consistency of salt. Regardless of your brewing method, grind consistency is key. Determine what you like and keep that dialed in. I like the Baratza Encore Conical Burr grinder for the utmost in consistency. 

Volume is another area for consistency. I like 26 grams of coffee. Either weigh your beans or your grind. 

#3 Freshness Of The Roast

Coffee is at its peak within a few days after roasting. Store coffee in an airtight container to maintain freshness. The Zoka 12 oz bag has a press and close pocket zipper that acts as its own airtight container.

We fresh roast all of our coffees. Each bag is stamped with the roasting date so you know exactly how fresh your coffee is.  

Cheers. Enjoy your coffee,  

Jeff Babcock, Founder/CEO, Zoka