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The Sound of Violet Benefit Blend

Limited Time Benefit Blend

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Our Zoka Green Lake Café is in a movie! The movie, The Sound of Violet, is currently in theaters nationally.

We made a special, limited time coffee blend for this project. Sound of Violet Blend is a dark roast with notes of dark chocolate and caramel. 

16 minutes of Zoka café scenes ended up in the final movie!  The Sound of Violet is about a young man, Shawn, looking for love. Shawn's search is complicated by his autism. His big brother is a barista at Zoka, and Shawn visits him at work often seeking advice. Eventually Shawn falls in love with Violet, a young woman caught up in the sex trade. It's a complex love story with an important message about autism acceptance and ending sex trafficking.  

$4 from every bag of The Sound of Violet Blend sold will be donated to Rescue Freedom in support of their mission towards ending sexual slavery and exploitation. 

Order any 2 bags of Zoka coffee and shipping is free!

To learn more about the movie, visit

Photos: Filming in Summer 2018 in Zoka's Green Lake Café.