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  • Tannenbaum Winter Blend
Tannenbaum Winter Blend

Tannenbaum Winter Blend

$18.00 per 0oz bag

A seasonal favorite - Zoka's winter blend is back! Tannenbaum, named after the German word for Fir tree, is a treat for us to create.  

A medium version of a dark roast with notes of smooth dark chocolate and meringue with hints of brown sugar and molasses.  

A perfect blend to start off a chilly day, or to serve with holiday desserts. We found Tannenbaum pairs especially well with pumpkin pie or Sunday brunch.

🎵 O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum,
How faithfully you blossom!
Through summer’s heat and winter’s chill
Your leaves are green and blooming still. 🎵