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Tannenbaum Blend

Our Annual Winter Blend

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More About Tannenbaum Blend

Our Annual Winter Blend

A seasonal favorite - Zoka's holiday blend is back! Tannenbaum, named after the German word for Fir tree, is a treat for us to create.  

This year's version was curated by our Head Roaster Don K with a Colombia Geisha and an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. We're medium roasting this blend.

Tasting notes of chocolate, black cherry and soft lemon. 

If you like our Tangletown or Fitzroy blends, you'll love Tannenbaum, as it has a similar roast profile.  

Pairs perfectly with chilly mornings and cozy slippers.  

🎵 O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum,
How faithfully you blossom!
Through summer’s heat and winter’s chill
Your leaves are green and blooming still. 🎵