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Nicaragua San Jose

An Anaerobic Process Natural Coffee

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More About Nicaragua San Jose

An Anaerobic Process Natural Coffee

Welcome our newest release from the Mierisch Family of Farms in Nicaragua.  This particular harvest comes from the San Jose Farm in the Lipululo region. A Javanica varietal, this coffee went through an Anaerobic fermentation process after harvest, meaning it was deprived of any oxygen. Freshly picked, ripe coffee cherries are placed in food safe barrels  After 48 hours fermenting in a super cold room inside the barrels, the cherries are laid out and patio dried in 100% sunshine.  After three days in the sun, the cherries are moved to shaded African drying beds to finish drying to the desired humidity.

The results are a more elegant, light, fruit-forward, complex coffee.  Definitely worth a try! 

We tasted notes of lemon, nectarine and sweet chocolate.  This coffee is soft, with a great mouthfeel. 

Zoka Cupping Score: 88 points

San Jose Farm are previous Cup of Excellence® winners. 

Photo: 1) Javanica cherry being harvested.  2) Wheeling the barrel of anaerobic processing coffee to the drying deck.