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McDonald School Origins Subscription

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More About McDonald School Origins Subscription


This is a pay as you go plan. For as long as you want you will receive each shipment a 12-ounce bags of Zoka's award-winning, Family Direct Trade coffee. It is easy to pause, cancel or change your subscription at anytime. In addition, 40-50% of the purchase price from each order will be supporting the McDonald International School here in Seattle. 

The Origins Subscription offers a rotating selection of our exceptional Single Origin coffees. For as long as you want you will receive a shipment of coffee as often as you like to your door. It is easy to pause, change or cancel your subscription at any time. 

What's so special about Single Origin coffee? Let us fill you in.


At McDonald International through teaching and practicing our core values, our school community will challenge stereotypes and promote social justice in a diverse world. We will foster outstanding academic achievement through integrated, collaborative learning. In our international education program, students will celebrate their own identity as they investigate the world, recognize different perspectives and communicate effectively across cultures so they are empowered to take action. 

In the 2012-13 school year, students collaborated with teachers and staff to identify three key words that define The McDonald Way: We are Safe. We are Kind. We are Responsible.  


McDonald International School is a language immersion school offering a curriculum infused with global awareness and cultural competence at every grade level. McDonald students spend half their day learning literacy and social studies subjects in English, and half their day learning math and science in their immersion language (either Japanese or Spanish).

In order to help ensure that we are providing the best resources and programs available, we are committed to actively considering the latest research on innovative programs and best learning practices. 


The money donated from your zoka subscription supports our SSO dollars and are spent in the current school year to benefit all McDonald students. It pays for everything funded by the PTA (except for Immersion Support which you can learn more about on our website at - everything from supplemental materials for curriculum and programs, special projects, teacher mini-grants, technology in the classrooms, support for our McDonald Int'l library, field trip scholarships so all students can participate, and so much more.