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Nicaragua El Limoncillo Pacamara

Small Batch Offering From 90 Year Old Cup of Excellence® Winning Farm

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More About Nicaragua El Limoncillo Pacamara

Small Batch Offering From 90 Year Old Cup of Excellence® Winning Farm

We're offering this special Single Origin as part of our Limited Series - extra unique coffees sourced from our farm partners in very small quantities.  

Farm: El Limoncillo

Origin: Yusica Sur, Matagalpa, Nicaragua 

Varietal: Yellow Pacamara - Cherries are yellow when ripe

Process: Washed 

Elevation: 950 meters (somewhat low for coffee growing) 

Notable: Cup of Excellence® winning farm.  90 year old farm! 

Zoka Cupping Score: 90 Points!

Notes of ripe cantaloupe, mandarin oranges and lemon in the cup. This coffee finishes with a welcome sparkling acidity.  

Yellow Pacamara is a fairly rare coffee varietal. A natural mutation of the Red Pacamara, it was first discovered on Limoncillo Farm in the early 2000s. Yellow Pacamara cherries, when ripe, are yellow (instead of the typical red). Rare, and also difficult to cultivate, as Yellow Pacamara is nutritionally demanding, susceptible to pests and very low producing. But those who appreciate Single Origin coffees will really love it as it produces truly exceptional cup quality. Our own toughest critic, Jeff Babcock, Zoka Founder/CEO scored this coffee at 90 points! 

The Farm, El Limoncillo, is named for a type of small lemon that also grows on the property. Established in 1930, El Limoncillo has remained in the Mierisch family, generation after generation, since. 

A rather large farm, 119 hectares which is dedicated to coffee growing, while another 54 acres is protected rainforest.  

The Mierisch family has focused the last ten years on increasing sustainability by reducing the water usage in their processing to almost nothing. When they do have a washed coffee, like this one, they clean and treat the water before reusing it on the farm. El Limoncillo Farm produces its own renewable energy through hydro powered turbines. The farm hosts a childcare center, elementary school and free meals for children of the farm staff. 

Photo: Eleane Mierisch, Managing Director of El Limoncillo Farm harvesting ripe Yellow Pacamara cherries.