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Limited Series Geisha Colombia Finca la Suiza

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We're offering this special Geisha as part of our Limited Series - extra unique coffees sourced from our farm partners in very small quantities.  

This Geisha comes to us from Hacienda la Suiza Farm, in the mountains just outside of Manizales, Colombia, at 1,440 meters above sea level.  

Varietal: Geisha

Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: Very well rounded with ideal sweetness. Hints of milk chocolate, apple and lemon, with a soft acidity.  

Geisha is the most sought after and awarded coffee varietal in the world. With the awards come great interest, and then, inevitably, higher prices.  

We believe in offering Geishas we think are superb in the cup, but at reasonable prices, from farmers with which we have established relationships.

This Geisha was picked in fully ripe cherry, then washed in tanks for 30 hours to start fermentations. Then dried on shaded, raised beds.

Photos: Sorting cherry and drying beds at Finca la Suiza.