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  • Kenya Roi
Kenya Roi

Kenya Roi

$22.95 per bag

Region – Kiambu, Kenya - 48 Km outside Nairobi.
Process - Washed
Farm - Roi - family owned, single estate 
Varietal – SL28 (100%) Old growth SL28 trees that this family has owned for years. 

Elevation – 1915 meters (just under 6,300 feet)
Roast – Light

Tasting Notes - Red grapes, sweet honey, lemon & lime
This coffee scored an 89 on the Zoka Cupping Score  

This coffee is sold as a 12 oz bag. 

"This Roi was the single best coffee I cupped on my entire last trip to Africa. There were 30 coffees on the table and this Roi was sitting at the end. Tasting it was a whoa moment. Everybody went wild over it." Jeff Babcock, Founder/CEO, Zoka

This is not only a single origin, it's a single estate coffee - grown on one small farm by one multigenerational coffee farming family. Peter, an accountant by trade, now runs the family business.  Annually, Roi produces very small lots.  For this particular coffee, they produced just 70 bags (120 pounds each).  

This is a washed coffee; pulped then fermented in water for 1 to 2 days. Afterwards, it's washed, sorted and then dried on raised beds for 14 days. 

By coffee standards, the Roi Farm sits at a very high altitude (1915 meters). Higher altitude results in more density of the bean.  Higher density beans have a rich, more intense flavor.   

We have a limited supply of this coffee and believe it will be gone quickly!