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Global Citizen Coffee Circle (12oz Bags)

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More About Global Citizen Coffee Circle (12oz Bags)

2 Bag Subscription

This is a pay as you go plan. For as long as you want you will receive each shipment of two 12-ounce bags of Zoka's award-winning, Family Direct Trade coffee. It is easy to pause, cancel or change your subscription at anytime. In addition, 40-50% of the purchase price from each order will be invested in the Krista Foundation's mentoring and skill-building programs. 

About The Global Citizen Coffee Circle

Zoka Coffee in partnership with The Krista Foundation invites you to join The Global Citizen Coffee Circle.

Better coffee for you

Better wages for farmers

Better leaders for tomorrow

Join the Global Citizen Coffee Circle and you'll nurture a worldwide community of small coffee farmers and young leaders changing the world. 

With every delicious cup, you'll help Zoka Coffee's independent growers create sustainable livelihoods—and help the Krista Foundation for Global Citizenship equip young volunteers with leadership skills equal to the challenges of our times.

Like great, equitable coffee, thoughtful leadership is no accident. A year of service is only the beginning. Through Krista Foundation's training programs, returning volunteers build a 21st century global citizen skill set.

Raise your cup and celebrate Global Citizens!  

The Origins Subscription offers a rotating selection of our exceptional Single Origin coffees. For as long as you want you will receive a shipment of coffee as often as you like to your door. It is easy to pause, change or cancel your subscription at any time. 

What's so special about Single Origin coffee? Let us fill you in.