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Gift Box - Costa Rica Herbazu & Tannenbaum Winter Blend

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Our Zoka branded gift box is filled with two delectable Zoka coffees, perfect for gifting.  

Each gift box includes one 12 oz bag of Costa Rica Herbazu and one 12 oz bag of Tannenbaum Winter Blend.

Costa Rica Herbazu Typica Lima: An incredibly well balanced coffee from our friends at Herbazu. These multi-time Cup of Excellence® winners never disappoint. Raspberry, honey, Baker's chocolate and a welcome sparkling acidity in the cup.

Tannenbaum Winter Blend: Our Winter blend is perfect for holiday sipping. A medium, dark roast with notes of smooth dark chocolate and brown sugar. Perfect for pairing with chilly mornings or holiday desserts.

Gift box coffees can be ground to your grind preference or left whole bean.  

The gift box arrives inside of a Zoka shipping box.  It is un-wrapped.  

All gift boxes ship for free!