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Ethiopia Mrs. Gemedech

Woman-Owned & Operated Farm in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

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A natural processed, shade grown coffee from woman-owned and operated farm, Mrs. Gemedech.  Mrs. Gemedech inherited her 4.5 hectare farm from her father and has seized the opportunity to become one of the best coffee farmers in the Yirgacheffe growing region, and one of the only woman-owned farms in Ethiopia.   

Varietal: Multi Varietal.    Process: Natural

Tasting Notes: Cherry syrup, pomegranate and lavender.

Zoka Cupping Score: 87   

This coffee is shade grown under fruit trees. The coffee also benefits from the natural compost of fallen leaves and from the Enset trees on the property, which retain water in their trunks and release it during the dry season.  Mrs. Gemedech does not use inorganic fertilizer or pesticides, and because her coffee is naturally processed in the sun, the environmental impact is small.  

Through this coffee purchasing model, the farmer retains 88% of the export price, resulting in a substantially increased income compared to the washing station model or growing other crops. 

"Ethiopia is The Birth Place of Coffee, making it one of my favorite coffee trip destinations. It's a fascinating place with a culture surrounded in coffee. Some of the most exotic and complex flavors from coffee are natural to the coffees of Ethiopia." Jeff Babcock, Zoka Founder/CEO 

Photos: Mrs. Gemedech on her farm. Natural cherry, drying.