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Ethiopia Kossa Geshe Decaf

A Swiss Water Process Decaf

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More About Ethiopia Kossa Geshe Decaf

A Swiss Water Process Decaf

  • Country – Ethiopia  
  • Region – Jimma Zone, Limmu Kossa District, Western Ethiopia 
  • Farm- Kossa Geshe 
  • Varietal – Heirloom
  • Elevation – 1,800 meters
  • Process – Natural     
  • Roast –  Light

This is a Single Farm Estate coffee, harvested and then put through Swiss Water Processing to decaffeinate it.  Swiss Water is an innovative, 100% chemical free decaffeination process removing caffeine for coffee roasters around the world. Learn how it works here. 

Cupping Notes:  Strawberry, red grape, cherry and buttery chocolate. 

Zoka Cupping Score: 87

For several years now we have been buying from this 1,000 hectare Organic farm (Jeff Babcock, Zoka Founder/CEO, visited in 2017). We were honored to be a Good Food Awards Finalist in November 2021 with another one of Kossa Geshe's coffees.  

Kossa Geshe was established in 2009, in the Kebena Forest, through a land grant from Ethiopia’s investment agency to protect some of the last remaining dense forest in the country. 

Ethiopia has a special relationship with coffee - it’s the birthplace of the coffee tree and the seventh largest coffee producing country in the world.  Coffee makes up about 40% of Ethiopia’s export market and nearly 15% of the population is employed by the coffee industry.    

Photos: Kossa Geshe Farm Owner, Abdul, walking amongst his coffee trees.