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Dominican Republic Ramirez Estate

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  • Country – Dominican Republic   
  • Region – Cibao, DR, Caribbean 
  • Farm- Ramirez Estate 
  • Elevation - 1,300 meters above sea level 
  • Varietal – Red Caturra 
  • Process – Red Honey     
  • Roast –  Light

Cupping Notes: Raspberry, Blackberry, Pomegranate and Chocolate with a welcome spicy acidity. 

Zoka Cupping Score: 87

The 2020 harvest of this coffee was the top rated coffee ever for the Dominican Republic per Coffee Review, in addition to being ranked the #22 overall of the top 30 coffees in Coffee Review's ratings for that year.  

This Red Honey process went through an 18 hour fermentation prior to depulping. Afterwards, the coffee was moved to a patio for drying. 

This family-owned estate has an eye towards sustainability. They use their spent coffee cherry to partially power their operation! They also help Haitian coffee pickers obtain legal status to come to country to work and earn fair wages while doing so. 

Photos: Ramirez Estate in Cibao. Cherries, before and after harvest.