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BlackPast Blend Featuring Alice Ball

A benefit blend supporting

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Our Benefit Blends, like BlackPast Blend, are not included in the Father's Day Sale.

A dark roasted coffee from Rwanda. Tasting notes of chocolate, cherry and peach. 

This is our third blend release in our BlackPast partnership series. 

Zoka Coffee is partnering with, the #1 website on Black history, to promote historical understanding and generate constructive change. Together we are releasing a series of new coffee blends to raise money for and foster racial understanding. 

$5 from the sale of each 12 oz bag of BlackPast Blend Coffee is donated directly to BlackPast in support of their mission.

This release, features Alice Balla pharmaceutical chemist born in Seattle in 1892 credited for developing a successful treatment for Hansen’s Disease (also known as Leprosy) while in her early twenties. Her discovery of oil extracted from the Chaulmoogra tree was used until the 1940s, and with continued use into the 1990s in remote areas of the world. Ms. Ball earned two degrees at the University of Washington and her Master’s at The University of Hawaiʻi, their first woman to earn a graduate degree, African American graduate and first female chemistry instructor there.  

To learn more about Alice Ball, and other African Americans in history, visit 

Photo courtesy of the Archives & Manuscripts Dept, University of Hawai’i at Manoa Library.