A soothing herbal tea, chamomile is great for nighttime. This tisane produces golden, yellow liquor and has a mild floral and honeyed flavor.  


This pure leaf is popular for scenting and flavoring food and drink. It produces a distinctive cool menthol flavor as a brewed tisane, and is stimulating to both the palate and mind.  

Rooibos Mandarin

Green Rooibos tree needles are picked, bruised, then cut using tobacco cutting machines. The needles are fermented in mounds and spread out to dry in the sunlight. This process enhances the flavor color of the...

Zoka Way

Zoka Way has been tasted and perfected for years and our original recipe has been adjusted and expanded over the years. A house blend of lemon balm, hibiscus, orange peel, clove, licorice root, lavender, and...