Genmaicha is a blend of Sencha and toasted rice or popped rice. It has a slight toasted sesame note. The cup is a combination of flavors that encompasses a medium body and a smooth, bright...


This green tea grown in the Fujian province of China is naturally scented with fresh jasmine flowers. Light body, smooth and up-lifting, the slight sweetness of this aromatic tea offers a spell of floral delight....

Kyoto Sencha

Grown on gentle sloping hills of Kyoto, Japan, where the morning misty dewdrops gather on the Sencha tea leaves. It is steam cured to preserve its flavor and health benefits. Bright, emerald green infusion, conjures...

Lung Ching Dragonwell

Grown in Zhea Jiang province around the lake, this tea leaf takes a flat and pointed natural form - an outcome derived from ancient tea techniques which involve crumpling the leaves in a caldron. This...

Moroccan Mint

This exciting and refreshing blend of Chinese gunpowder green tea and Moroccan spearmint mingle together with every refined and pleasing sip. The beverage has a refreshing aroma and cooling sensation.