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Costa Rica Sumava

Costa Rica Sumava

$19.50 per 12oz bag
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  • Country – Costa Rica 
  • Region – Lourdes, West Valley 
  • Farm- Sumava  
  • Varietal – Villasarchi 
  • Elevation – 1,600 meters
  • Process – White Honey     
  • Roast –  Light

Cup of Excellence® Winning Farm: First Place, 2016

Cupping notes of dark chocolate and raspberry.  Zoka Cupping Score: 89

The Villasarchi varietal is a variation of the Bourbon varietal. For a white honey process, most, but not all, of the mucilage from the coffee cherry is removed prior to drying. 

Farm owner/exporter Francisco Mena, is a long-time friend of Zoka. We have been visiting and purchasing from Sumava since Francisco took over ownership of the farm in 2014. In 2016, they won first place in the Cup of Excellence.  

Sumava has a focus on sustainability including practices of using very minimal water in their processing and returning all pulp and mucilage from the bean back into the soil as compost after every harvest. 

Their location in the West Valley region of Costa Rica has a unique micro-climate of very cool nights and fresh, bright days.