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Guatemala Santa Felisa Gesha Guatemala Santa Felisa Gesha

Guatemala Santa Felisa Gesha

$23.95 per bag

Region – Acatenango region of Guatemala.
Process - Fully washed, double soak. 
Farm - Santa Felisa - 4th generation, owner operated, woman-led. 
Varietal – Gesha 

Elevation – 6,300 feet 
Roast – Light

Tasting Notes - Green apple, juicy fruit, honeysuckle.  
This coffee scored a 90 on the Zoka Cupping Score!  

Notable: Woman led farm! 10 year relationship!

This is a Gesha coffee that has been double soaked. Double soaking is exactly what it sounds like: The coffee is soaked in a tank. The tank is emptied and then the cherries are soaked again in fresh water for another 18 to 24 hours. The second soak removes any last remnant of mucilage resulting in a cleaner cup. 

There are multiple sweet flavors to this Gesha that jump out in the first sip; green apple, tangerine, honeysuckle and juicy fruit. Nice acidity combined with the sweetness gives this coffee a lovely balance.

Established in 1904, Santa Felisa has maintained the founding values of integrity, quality, loyalty and justice. The farm is now run by the fourth generation siblings under the guidance of the visionary agronomist, ecologist & Q-Grader Anabella Meneses. Ananbella and her brother Antonio are multiple time Cup of Excellence winners, including first place for Guatemala in 2017.  

We've had the distinct pleasure of visiting this farm on four occasions. While the coffees are absolutely fantastic, Santa Felisa is also very committed to the children in their community. Santa Felisa and their coffee partners run and financially support a day school in the nearby town. The school children are fed two meals each school day, with food from the organic garden grown by the Santa Felisa team. It's an honor to offer this coffee through Zoka's Family Direct Trade program, where Zoka pays above market rate, and supports the good works this farm does.

We have a very limited supply of this coffee and believe it will be gone quickly!  

Photo: Santa Felisa Farm Owner Anabella Meneses, Zoka Founder/CEO Jeff Babcock and Santa Felisa Farm Owner Antonio Meneses.