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  • Costa Rica Santa Rosa 1900
Costa Rica Santa Rosa 1900 Costa Rica Santa Rosa 1900

Costa Rica Santa Rosa 1900

$18.50 per 0.75 lb bag


Papaya and orange blossom combine to provide subtle tropical notes that are sweet and balanced. Light bodied and pleasantly acidic, the Santa Rosa is well rounded and immediately recognizable.


From one of the most picturesque settings in the coffee world, we proudly bring you Santa Rosa 1900. Grown over a mile in the air in the hills above Tarrazu, Costa Rica, Santa Rosa tells a story through every cup.

Santa Rosa 1900 is the name of the mill, as it nods to its high elevation of 6,200 feet. It is operated by Efraín and his son Gelberth Naranjo. They focus on growing and processing beautifully clean coffee as sustainably as possible.  They use "eco-pulpers" that uses 75% less water than traditional de-pulpers. 

Santa Rosa sits on top of a ridge line. They dry all of their coffee in raised beds and have a stair step look to them on the hillside. They mainly do this because there isn't a flat surface to be found.