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  • Colombia La Palma Y El Tucan
Colombia La Palma Y El Tucan

Colombia La Palma Y El Tucan

$21.95 per bag

Region – Cundinimarca in Colombia (located in the middle of the country)
Process - Lactic
Farm- La Palma Y El Tucan 
Varietal – Castillo - a varietal known for being disease resistant 

Elevation – 1550 Meters
Roast – Light

Tasting Notes - Lemon zest, fresh raspberries and a welcome sparkling acidity. 
This coffee scored an 87 on the Zoka Cupping Score.  

La Palma Y El Tucan works with 96 coffee growers across 4 villages and combines those lots, so together they have enough coffee to mill and sell. 

La Palma Y El Tucan are ground-breakers in Colombian coffees.  Started in 2012, they focus on social impact and innovation and quality in coffee farming. La Palma Y El Tucan is a coffee farm, mill and eco-tourism destination in one. The three parts operate in a symbiotic relationship, like their namesake, the Palm Trees (La Palma) and the Tucan (El Tucan).  With a cafe and cabins nestled amongst the coffee trees, visitors explore the full process of coffee from tree to cup.  

As part of their focus on quality, the coffee pickers at La Palma wear a deep red nail polish to match the color of a perfectly ripe cherry. This aids in quickly selecting which cherries are ready to pick. 

Lactic fermentation is an anaerobic process as no oxygen interacts with the cherry. Cherries at La Palma Y El Tucan are hand sorted at the mill and then placed in sealed tanks. As the mucilage (layer over the coffee bean inside the cherry) breaks down, a higher concentration of lactic acid is produced (due to the lack of oxygen) creating a unique flavor profile.  

For this particular coffee, the cherries remained in the tanks for 70 hours and then were dried, milled and hand sorted again to remove any imperfect beans.  The multiple levels of quality control at La Palma mean that it takes on average 85 kilos (187 pounds) of cherries to get 10 kilos (22 pounds) of beans.