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We are a coffee company, but Zoka is about more than coffee. We’re about people. From the folks who pick and process the beans in countries around the world, to our own employees at the Zoka Roastry and Cafes, we love the family that we’ve built around this amazing beverage.

We look for the same in our wholesale business partners. To truly appreciate the business opportunities around Zoka Coffee, our partners have to be as invested in their employees and their customers as they are in their financials. We’ve found that when you take care of the people, the profits take care of themselves.


Cafe keeps ém coming back for more. Rich roasts served with expertise and style. Don’t get stumped. Get Zoka for your Cafe.


We provide the best equipment, training, support and coffee your guests will find your coffee almost as memorable as your hotel.


Grocery gives your customers  a new reason to make your shop a regular stop. Do your shelf a favor.


Our service staff will get you started and keep you going to provide the best possible service.


Get the best  from La Marzocco, Synesso, Unic, La Spaziale, Nuova Simmonelli, Fetco, Bunn and others.


We’ll train your staff to make every cup a memorable experience for your customers.