Remember last month when we said Mug Shots was the newest, coolest, hippest thing to hit the Zoka interwebs?

No? Refresh your memory.

Thanks, Sarah, for sharing your favorite cupping device. The rest of you -- catch on!

Sarah T Mug Shot

Name: Sarah Location: Seattle, Washington Favorite Zoka Brew: Assam Satrupa. I like it strong and sweet. Extra sugar, please!

Mug of Choice: The blueberry mug I got during summer break from college when I was home in Maine. This mug has traveled coast to coast and survived over 20 years of steadfast tea drinking.


  • Extra-wide handle.
  • Hand-crafted goodness.
  • The fact that the protruding blueberry accents, coupled with the excessive handle, mean no cup holders ever, yet I still use it every morning commute, driving with one hand.
  • The crack (see below) which still does not leak -- perhaps it's a magic mug?

Sarah T Mug Shot

Have your own magical mug? Email with some neat pics and your story, and POOF! See it in Mug Shots.