16 Cool Coffee Mugs

Welcome to Mug Shots, a space dedicated to exhibiting your favorite mugs and drinking vessels. You know what we’re talking about – the one you always grab for your morning brew, the one that has left the permanent ring on your desk at work, the one that makes your Zoka coffee and tea taste that much sweeter.

We’re kicking off this series with our favorite mugs (Zoka’s, of course) as well as some of the zaniest, wackiest, most creative coffee mugs out there.

Perhaps your favorite flagon wasn’t designed by physicists to hold the perfect tea temperature for upwards of 20 minutes. It probably doesn’t come ergonomically enhanced to create the most comfortable hold available on the coffee cup market. But it is your favorite for a reason, and it deserves recognition.

Email zokablog@portent.com with a picture of you and your mug (bonus points if your mug contains a piping hot pour of your favorite Zoka brew) and get it featured on the Zoka blog Mug Shots. It’ll be a hoot.

Mix and match Zoka coffee mugs for a rainbow of coffee-licious moments.

Mustache Mug

Mustache Mugs in use

1. Peter Ibruegger saves the day – just in time for Mustache March!

Plug Mug

2. Hide the plug for this favorite mug to keep meddlesome muggers at bay. From Perpetual Kid.

Dunk Mug

3. The perfectly transportable midnight snack vessel. Or morning snack vessel. All day snack vessel? From Charles & Marie.


Knee Mugs

Knee Mug in use

4. Perfect for anyone who has a hard-to-cure cold-knees condition. From Uncommon Goods.

Lap Mugs

Lap Mug

5. Fits snug as a bug in a leg-hug. Also from Uncommon Goods.

Carabiner mug

6. You should never be without your cup of Zoka. Not at home. Not while camping. Not while conquering Everest. From Think Geek.

Anamorphic Mugs

7. Reflections of the way coffee used to be. From Normal Design.

Undergrowth Legs Cup

8. This cup of coffee will give you a leg up on your day. Get it? Courtesy of Undergrowth Design.

Hug Mug

9. Described as the most intimate (and ergonomic!) warm-beverage drinking experience ever, Max Brenner’s Hug Mug requires a double-handed hold and a whole lotta coffee lovin’.

Coffee Bean Mug

10. A coffee mug made of coffee! From RCTaylor Photography.

R2D2 Coffee Mug

11. R2D2! Go get Jabba some java! By Technabob.

Perfect Temperature Mug

12. Guaranteed to keep your beverage the perfect toasty temp for up to 20 minutes. A miracle of coffee science. Found at Oh Gizmo.

Magnetic Mugs

13. To drink or to play…to drink or to play… that is the question. From INV/ALT Designs.

Cermanic Wine Mugs

14. Coffee snobbery just got cuter. Raise your chalice and salute, fellow coffee warrior!

Undress Me Mugs

15. Perk up your morning with a percolating pot of Paladino and peek-a-boo of one of these promiscuous mugs.

Crinkle Cup Mugs

16. Not to be confused with the SOLO cups from last night’s kegger. Courtesy of GNR8.