This is why we travel to buy coffee.

Our February trip to Nicaragua, El Salvador and Costa Rica helped us find some of the best coffees we’ve ever encountered. An embarrassment of riches — so many great coffees that we blew right through our budget and brought home more coffee of a higher quality than ever before.

Lucky you.

These first four coffees are a great introduction to what’s in store. Read on below.

We’re especially excited about the Orange Bourbon. A rare hyrbrid coffee, we bought this coffee on the spot when we saw the uncommonly beautiful cherries, still on the trees, during a visit to the Duarte farm in El Salvador. Orange Bourbon is incredibly rare, so we bought all we could. It won’t last. We’ll try again next year, but no guarantees.

Santa Rosa 1900

Santa Rosa 1900, Tarrazu Costa Rica

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El Salvador Orange Bourbon


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El Salvador Las Mercedes


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Costa Rica Don Mayo


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