2012 Zoka State of the Union Address

With a new Vice President, Alen Fikic, and a renewed commitment for people, quality, community Zoka has a great start- and we begin with the launch of our new web site on Jan 19. This new web site shows our true commitment to quality and dedication to being the best specialty coffee company in the North West if not the entire country… andI think we are well on our way.



The rebirth of Zoka’s pastry and baked goods program.

So after a year, we have decided that making our own food was a good idea. Back in 1997 when we opened our Green Lake Store, it was our intention that we would be authentic in everything we did, so after a short time we began making our own scones, muffins and cookies. This of course steadily grew and when the Honey Bear left us the Tangletown area… we got a little crazy and began baking everything under the sun.