Zoka Family Direct Trade Profile: San Jose Java Nica & the Bourbons of Los Altos with Mierisch farms

In February, I visited the Mierisch farms in Nicaragua once again. We visited their beautiful coffee farms near Jinotega and Matagalpa.The Mierisch family has been farming coffee in Nicaragua since the early 20th century, and their coffees seem to get better every year. Erwin Mierisch, whom I met several years ago at a Cup Of Excellence competition, directs the operations of the farms, his sister Eleane helps coordinate the client visits and farm logistics. Father, Dr. Erwin Mierisch Sr., seems to be the constant scientist- always working on new species of varietals and processing methods. Their farms have been COE winners several times, and always get it right when it comes to the quality in the cup. When Erwin is not at the farm, he can be found helping manage the Cup of Excellence competitions in the different countries in which they are held.

This year, we found the Los Altos farm to be filled with the flavors of Caramel and spice. These coffees found near the region of Jinotega have a very refined sweetness…and cupped an 87 at the cupping tables at the Mierisch processing Benefecio. These coffees come from the Botanical variety Bourbon and the farm is lush and reaches an elevation of over 1400 meters. For several years we have been buying coffees from the Mierisch family whom take great care in growing and processing their coffee, from the farms, to their wet and dry mills, and the Benefecio where their coffees are processed and then sent back to us at Zoka.

The next farm we visited was the San Jose farm, where we found Java Nica coffees this year to be especially sweet- cupping scores as high as 88 on our visit. This farm is at about 1300masl and overlooks Lake Apanas. It is this spectacular view from which the farm looks down that makes our yearly trek worth every minute.

These coffees are super sweet in the cup and have a soft acidity with flavors of milk chocolate and tangerine. They have finally arrived in Seattle, and we will be roasting these coffees after the first of June, keep an eye out online and in our stores for the premier of these two Single Origin Nicraguan Coffees. Thanks to the Mierisch family of Erwin, Eleane, and Dr. Erwin Mierisch for taking such great care of us just like they take care of their farms! We’re so glad to have them as Zoka Family Direct Trade partners.