Zoka Family Direct Trade and Sustainability…

Zoka Family Direct Trade means building a direct Trade relationship with the coffee farmer and his or her family based on long-term, on-going sustainability…the Coffee farmer’s family and the Zoka family… Zoka Family Direct Trade is the next evolution of Fair Trade Coffee — the practice of paying a fair, local market rate for coffees. We pay at least Fair Trade rates, while building a long term relationship with the farmers and their communities.

The Zoka family is made up of all of us from Zoka: our baristas, our coffee roasters, our production team, our coffee buyers, our sales and management staff and all of their families, as well as YOU, our Zoka customers and your families. We are all touched by this coffee relationship and it is indeed a very personal and direct relationship (who said business isn’t personal? -We are here to prove it is!).

Sustainability means the farmer can make a good living through his craft of growing great coffees, not just the bare minimum that has perpetuated the coffee industry for so long and the real reason  most coffees are usually grown with a minimum of quality effort.

Because we buy coffees based on their quality, many of our relationships have started as a result of our gathering at the Cup Of Excellence Competitions over the past 10 years. These relationships have grown into our family-to-family Direct Trade partnerships that we are now creating. In these relationships, Zoka will visit family owned farms at least once a year and will choose the coffees we would like to bring home.

Based on the quality of these coffees and our ongoing relationships, we will be paying a price that is always significantly above the Commodities “C-Market” price of coffee. Often, we will pay several times the C-market Price. For the Coffee farmer, that means he or she is getting paid directly from us with no middle-man importer and exporter who often take a great deal, if not most, of the farmer’s profits. We become a family direct importer, from farm to the cup. Because we are purchasing the very highest qualities of coffees, the farmer is usually getting two to four times what he would have otherwise received. This is a very sustainable and living price for the Coffee farmer, based on the quality of the coffee and our Family Direct Trade relationship. This is not the Wall Street Commodities pricing of the coffees. In the end, we get incredible coffees that we score from 85 to 95 points (based on Cup of Excellence evaluation standards), many, the best in the world. We create relationships with coffee farmers and their families, as well as the knowledge that our staff, and our customers are all part of the family circle that we have created together.

Thank you,
The Zoka Family