Zoka Coffee House of Haiku

Just like drink sleeves and sugar shakers, poetry has been a fixture in coffee houses across the nation. Coffee is a lot like poetry. The subtle nuances balancing with high notes, swirling in rhythmic perfection - pure poetry. And poems and coffee are usually served with a heaping, helping of love. April is National Poetry Month and so we asked our Facebook fans for haikus about coffee. We soon found out Zoka isn't the only one who could wax poetic about the brew. These peculating poets were kind enough to spill the beans on their innermost coffee thoughts.

Presenting....Zoka's Beanniks and their coffee haikus

Cream and sugar bye The finest coffee is black I sip and say "mmm"
Poet: Amanda Halm

Earl Grey, a touch Of milk, honey, cinnamon Good morning taste buds
Poet: Emma Thesenvitz

Saturday morning coffee is made Earthy dark rich island of spice Eagerly I sip a cup
Poet: Ken Feighner

My cappuccino Caffeinated power pack Topped with perfect foam
Poet: Ingrid Hamberg

Oh the promising Sound of the dosing lever Clack clack clack clack clack
Poet: Zachary Stahl

Falling slowly is Dark syrup from the slayer For perfect crema
Poet: Brandon Weaver

Thank you, beanniks for your amazing words. We'd like to keep coffee haikus going long after National Poetry Month. Submit your haikus to zokablog@portent.com and we'll publish your coffee poem in an upcoming post. Or join us on Facebook for Coffee Haiku Friday.