Zoka Barista Headed to World Aeropress Championship

Following day one of the Northwest Regional Barista Competition (NWRBC), I had the pleasure of heading over to Fremont for a coffee-industry gathering, kindly hosted by our friends over at Milstead and Co., Stumptown, and La Marzocco. The main event of the night was an Aeropress brew-off, which is essentially a coffee brewing competition using only the Aeropress brew-method. An Aeropress brews coffee in a manner similar to a Clever, where the coffee grinds are steeped, and then following the brew the coffee is filtered, allowing for a flavorful extraction and a clean cup of coffee. Zoka baristas Kyle Rees, Amanda Atkins, Lauren Wandler, in addition to me were all proud to be there supporting two of our fellow baristas, Shaun Lieb and Brandon Paul Weaver in the brew-off.

Both Shaun and Brandon tore it up in the first round, and I’m proud to announce that the night ended with a win for Brandon, who is now set to attend the World Aeropress Championship in Portland, Oregon scheduled for April 19th-22nd. It has been exciting to watch Brandon’s growth over the past few months as he has walked away with first place finishes at a number of “Thursday Night Throw-downs” (latte art competitions), and passed the tests required to become a SCAA certified technical judge for the NWRBC.

I can’t be more proud of both Shaun and Brandon, and look forward to cheering on Brandon at the World Aeropress Championship this April. If you’re looking to get coffee from Brandon, check out our Greenlake store –he’s the Assistant Manager and Barista Trainer there, so you can count on him being around!

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