Yes, we are selling a $45 coffee.

Yes, we are selling a $45 coffee.

$45 for 12oz of coffee. Our customers are smart enough to do the math. What does that work out to per oz. Per cup. Per shot.

We know all those numbers.

But what we know, but you don’t, yet, is why you’ll only think about those number before you taste Rwanda Rwatano.

We all treat ourselves sometime. We splurge for a special experience — a meal, a trip, a piece of clothing, a car, an experience. We do it because its a reward. Because the moment will live on long after the consumption of the expensive item. And because it will reset our expectations of what we do everyday.

Rwanda Rwatano is like that. You’ll more than enjoy it. It will, as does a good meal or a great vacation, give you a glimpse of what’s possible from something you take for granted every day.

And then you’ll run out. And we’ll run out (sooner than we expected, it seems). And you’ll have to wait for the next time we find a coffee that’s worth that much. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, its a special time at Zoka.

We hope those of you who decide to try this remarkable coffee will feel the same way.