Why Family Direct Trade Coffee is Important to us. And to you.

“Good People Live Better: Family Direct Trade Coffee and Zoka”

Zoka’s pursuit of family direct trade coffee – purchasing directly from the farmers who grow the coffee we sell – is about more than business.

Our first responsibility is to our customers – - we need to give them the best coffee and the best experience around that coffee that we can.

We believe that direct trade is the fundamental part of that promise to our customers.

We know our coffee isn’t inexpensive, by traditional measures. You can absolutely buy more coffee for less at the grocery store, at popular national chains. It’s not about price.

And it’s not about profits either. Our coffee costs our customers more because it costs us more. From the much higher than ‘fair trade’ price we offer our farmers, to the investment we make sending our passionate, highly trained coffee buyers all over the coffee-growing world to find the coffee we want to buy to bring to you.

We’re not Costco, or Starbucks. We don’t get the economies of scale that our billion dollar brothers in coffee get on sourcing, shipping, roasting, delivering, selling coffee.

And that’s all right. Economies of scale aren’t what we’re after.

Economies of fairness. Economies of customer delight. Economies of quality are what drive our business. Economies for our producing partners, for our customers and for Zoka Coffee company.