What’s Your Favorite C.O.E.?

by: Prestin Yoder

If you haven't had one of our Cup of Exellence yet, the time is now. These beans are literally some of the best in the world. Between the different selections of our available C.O.E.'s, which one should you try? I would suggest you try them all. One at a time of course, and if you will bear with me for a moment, be intentional about how you drink these coffees. Use the same brewing method with each of them (El Savador El Zopote, Colombia Villarica and the Costa Rica Calle de Copey). Compare and contrast these coffees after you have tried them all - decide what excites your palate the most.

Everyone's palate is different. We all eat different foods on a regular basis, we're used to different beverages and we all grew up with an overall cultural love for certain tastes. Yet there is no doubt that all of these coffees are great, we will find ourselves leaning towards one or another. When I tried this little experiment, I used a french press over a period of three days. Starting with the El Savador, then the Colombia and finally today the Costa Rica. All of them are no doubt extraordinary! But for me, the Colombia was my all time favorite. The mix sweet and savory in the Colombia brought me back to early morning breakfast with my grandparents. There are dark fruity notes that are balanced with rich and soft savory tones.

As noted earlier, everyone's palate varies. My love for the Colombia Villarica may match your love for the El Savador El Zapote. I want to hear your thoughts on this matter - What is your favorite C.O.E.? What about the taste pleases you, and where does it take you?