The Site Comes Alive Again

Hey everyone, as you can tell the site is up and running again.

You may have read over the past few weeks (if you have been checking the site), that our webhost went down and took our site with it. So, for the last month we've been exhausting all of our efforts to get the site back to the way you've come to love it, with a few improvements to boot (added security features, enterprise-class servers, and more content - to name a few).

We have received many phone calls from our loyal customers asking when they can order their favorite coffee online again, and our wonderful sales staff has been ceaselessly working to fulfill all of your requests offline until today. Now you can continue to order your coffee with us just as you have in the past, online. Easy and convenient.

Thank you to all of our customers who have been patient with us through this turbulent time, we at Zoka appreciate your understanding and compassion during one of our most chaotic moments. We will be unveiling new features to our site in the near future- added usability, more coffee education and information, as well as some interesting multimedia.

Keep an eye out for all the exciting new stuff!