The rebirth of Zoka’s pastry and baked goods program.

So after a year, we have decided that making our own food was a good idea. Back in 1997 when we opened our Green Lake Store, it was our intention that we would be authentic in everything we did, so after a short time we began making our own scones, muffins and cookies. This of course steadily grew and when the Honey Bear left us the Tangletown area… we got a little crazy and began baking everything under the sun.

Being coffee people we focused mainly on our coffee while we kept adding different things to the baking menu. It tasted really great but we were not making very much money at it because there had never really been any kind of plan. After taking a hard look at all of our food operations we had to make some hard changes. We have taken the last year or so off and purchased our foods from other local venders. However, someone else making your baked goods and pastries is never the same. So, after much thought and some planning this time we are going to slowly and carefully add our own pastries and baked goods back and become very authentic once again!

If you have been in OZ (original Zoka at Green Lake) and tried the scones lately you will see that they are once again coming fresh out of the oven… and yes they are really, really good once again. We kept the recipes you know and love, and we are still tweaking to make them better and better. And yes the oatmeal and peanut butter cookie and muffins at OZ are now also coming out hot and fresh! We will soon be adding real baking ovens back into the University store and within a month or so into the Kirkland store as well.

This whole Zoka pastry and baking operation will take several months to develop and perfect, this time in a fiscally responsible manner. We ask for your patience and do appreciate your comments and requests as we develop this program. Actually, I cannot wait because what we develop will be killer good, but I too will be patient as I want it to be right. So over the next several months and for the long term future look for some great changes and a return to what we really are all about – a real neighborhood coffee house with incredible coffees and incredible foods – all authentic, all fresh, all homemade, and hand roasted etc… get the point!

Thank you,
Jeff Babcock