The Great American Dessert Experience

Widge at sent us this amazing compliment of a writeup just the other day, and we thought it would be best to share it with everyone. We visited the Great American Dessert Experience Expo last month, and met many interesting people and had the chance to taste many excellent desserts. Widge was one of the many folks who passed by our display, and stopped to chat with us for a short time. This is what he had to say:

"The best coffee we had while we were there was from Zoka, a coffee roaster/retailer/wholesaler out of Seattle. They made us macchiatos in the booth and they were damn fine. But even moreso than that, these guys facilitate the opening of independent coffee stores. They can hook you up with barista training, equipment, and of course, coffee. And they have a focus on comfy atmosphere, as made evident by their booth, which was one of the most professional looking there. And the most inviting. We could use these guys in the Atlanta area, they're welcome back anytime."

Thanks very much to Widge, who wrote this wonderful post on Check out the blog, read and enjoy!