The Best of the Rest: More from El Salvador Family Direct Trade

Our delicious adventure continues with three more Single Origin coffees from El Salvador. These awesome coffees come from two small farms in Northern El Salvador and are all part of our Zoka Family Direct Trade!

La Montañita:

Producer Antonio Rene Aguilar Lemus inherited La Montañita during the 1980´s from his father, also named Antonio Rene, who had owned the farm for more than 65 years. This farm consistently produces outstanding coffees, coming in at 6th place in the 2012 El Salvador Cup of Excellence®, and taking 2nd place in 2006. The farm is situated in the northern department of Chalatenango ( Cha-la-tay-naan-go) a location well known for excellent weather conditions. Here the beans obtain remarkable and unique flavors. This region is considered a sanctuary for many animal species. Therefore, producer Antonio René does not allow hunting on the property, nor use herbicides. Instead, he uses organic fertilizers such as chicken manure and coffee pulp, and relies on nature for insect control.

We offer this coffee in two different processing methods:

Pulp Natural with tasting notes of juicy Washington strawberries and lemon citrus. In this processing method, the coffee cherry is pulped to remove the outer skin, leaving the fruity mucilage still attached. The coffee is then laid out to dry in the sun with the fruit clinging to the parchment layer. Pulp natural coffees tend to have more body and less acidity.

This coffee is also offered washed, with tasting notes of bittersweet chocolate, blood orange and a tangy acidity. In this processing method, the skin and pulp are removed from the bean while the coffee fruit is still moist. The beans are then allowed to sit in tanks where enzymes loosen the sticky mucilage. Then, the loosened fruit is washed off the beans. This process generally intensifies acidity.


This small finca (farm in Spanish) is owned by producer Ignacio Gutiérrez Solis, and is located in Chalatenango, near the pueblo of La Palma. We are so excited to bring you an offering from Ignacio’s finca, as he produced the the #1 winning coffee at the 2011 El Salvador Cup of Excellence® competition. La Roxanita scored an incredible 93.19 points, and placed above forty-one other coffees that qualified as Cup of Excellence® coffees. Ignacio devotes great care and dedication to his farm year after year, and his continued commitment to superior coffee was evident on our cupping table this season as well. La Roxanita, not far from its neighbor of La Montañita, produces a unique Pacamara variety, which is a hybrid seed varietal of the Pacas and Maragogype seed strain. This incredible coffee has tasting notes of orange blossom, black tea and cloves.