Single Origin Espresso, Taste and See

by: Prestin Yoder

I love espresso. I should rephrase that; I love good espresso. For you espresso-lovers out there, Zoka has started a new thing for your endearment of good coffee. Our Kirkland store has a full bar dedicated to single-origin espresso drinks. It has been getting a lot of local espresso drinkers stoked, and is truly espresso to fall in love with. As you may know, most espresso that you get either in your latte, doppio, macchiato, or cappuccino, is a blend of different beans. You will find this at any shop you go to. Our Paladino, for example, has beans from regions around the world. If you get a straight shot of this espresso, you can pick up on the nuances of each bean. Conventional espresso machines work well with this type of espresso.

We have taken it a step further. With the power of a Slayer espresso machine, we are able to brew single origin beans and create a demitasse that is completely different from any kind of traditionally blended espresso. This machine allows us to control both water pressure and temperature. Being able to manipulate these things with the Slayer gives us the ability to grab an extraordinary range of complexity and acidity out of our coffees.

This espresso is a trip; the sensory experience from start to finish is full of changes and intense palate influences. If you love espresso, you should stop by and check it out for yourself