Nicaraguan Single Origins Now Available

Zoka is thrilled to announce two new Nicaraguan Single Origins. These incredible, high-scoring new coffees from Nicaragua, the Perla Negra and Pacamara, continue our parade of remarkable new Zoka Family Direct Trade coffees.

After dozens of test roastings to make sure we had just the right roast profile to get the most out of these beans, we’re finally ready to go. You won’t have to wait long: First roast is this Thursday, and shipping begins on Friday.

Our single (100 lb) bag of Orange Bourbon is virtually gone. We bought a little more of these two new coffees, and we think they’ll do pretty well too.

Later this week we have two new coffees from Africa coming, and next week, yet more Single Origins from Nicaragua, Costa Rica and El Salvador.

Then in early August, an incredibly special surprise. Stay tuned for more over the coming weeks.