Nicaragua and El Salvador Trip, Fall 2011

This year we are starting early as it seems no one knows what is going to happen to the coffee market next. The supply of coffee looks like it will be huge in Brazil but small in Colombia. There was a large storm in El Salvador and much of the rest of Central America the last couple of weeks which wreaked havoc on many of the farms there. It also looks like the dollar is going to stay weak for quite a while so prices probably will remain high at least for now. What that means for us is that we have to work the green coffee scene even harder. That said, my latest trip to origin took us to six different farms In Nicaragua and El Salvador. In Nicaragua, the flowerings have been very strong this year and the crops looked awesome. In El Salvador there have been some issues due to the massive rains but the farms we visited looked very solid and their yields should be good. On this trip I went with my good friend Jack Kelly, the owner of Cafe Ladro, and we both think that next years coffees look to be pretty special and quite a bit better than last years. We are especially excited to explore the washed and Natural Boubons from Nicaragua and the Natural Pacamaras and organic Bourbons of El Salvador. So stay tuned and we will keep you informed as to how they cup and which farms we be buying from when we get this years first samples In early Jan/ Feb.

Jeff Babcock