Let’s talk Cup of Excellence

by: Prestin Yoder

When you walk into your favorite Seattle coffee shop (Zoka of course), you probably have a drink in mind before you order. A lot of us here in rain city love our drip coffee. But do we ever walk into a coffee shop thinking, "man I could use a C.O.E. today." ...Most likely not. We just order the house brew and we're on our way without realizing there are other excellent selections that are C.O.E.?

The Cup of Excellence is a competitive title awarded to the best coffees of the year within the countries of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Savador, Guatemala, and Nicuragua. These coffees go through intense adjudication of taste, consistency and overall quality. The best of roasters make these coffees unlock their rich and colorful characters. I could go on and on about this, but if you're interested to learn more, hit up cupofexcellence.org.

So you might be wondering, why should I order a C.O.E. versus my regular drip Answer: You will taste the difference. You will love the fruity notes, and aroma and the pleasant mouth feel. So much work goes into making the best coffee in the world - and it is truly a treat to have a C.O.E. from Zoka. All you have to do is try one and you'll realize what all the hype is for a Cup of Excellence. The available C.O.E's at Zoka right now include a powerful Colombia Villarica and the charming Costa Rica Calle de Copey as well as the fruity El Salvador El Zapote.

Stop by and pick one up and write about what you think of 'em here if you get the chance.