Latte Art, Latte Smart

by: Prestin Yoder

As many of you may know, Coffee Fest Seattle 2009 was this last weekend. Baristas, coffee roasters, and coffee snobs were mingling all over Seattle, there was a lot of excitement for the sake of coffee in our city. Zoka of course was a part of this big event. One of the ways we joined in was in the latte art competitions.

All in all, we had fun and laid down some serious creations in pouring designs. Impromptu competitions and other intense adjudications took place, I was lucky enough to check this stuff out for myself on Capitol Hill the other night. Everyone was talking coffee, pouring complex designs and cheering each other on. It was an intense gathering for the sole purpose of latte art. But where did this all come from? How did a small roastery pack 200 people into its quarters and have so many people stoked on one aspect of the latte? Really, this buzz about latte art really started with passionate baristas before our time that wanted to make the best of lattes. They wanted to steam milk at a perfect consistency and temperature. One of the two major factors for your latte of course is the milk. Steaming the perfect pitcher of milk is really incumbent to a pretty pour. Then it hit me, if people can see the difference, they should taste the difference. This is exactly why there should be a buzz for latte art, good art is merely an indicator (more often than not) that your latte milk is well done!

Here at Zoka we take those two major factors of the latte and make them perfect. Our espresso coffee is roasted consistently and with great care. And our milk is steamed to a perfect temperature and in a velvety, microtubule fashion, so that when we pour, we can make your cup personally designed and rich in flavor. Mmmm. So the next time you see your latte looking sharp from Zoka, just know that the art is really indicator of well-steamed milk and true dedication from your barista.