2012 Zoka State of the Union Address

With a new Vice President, Alen Fikic, and a renewed commitment for people, quality, community Zoka has a great start- and we begin with the launch of our new web site on Jan 19. This new web site shows our true commitment to quality and dedication to being the best specialty coffee company in the North West if not the entire country… andI think we are well on our way.

Leading into the New Year we are reinforcing our efforts to having the best coffee, the best coffee houses, the best baristas, the best service, the best environments for our customers, the best training for our wholesale customers, the best coffee (still prepared one cup at a time)…and don’t forget …it was Zoka that helped create the third wave of coffee, it was Zoka that helped open the doors for a new world for Baristas by helping make their job both special as well as professional, and it was Zoka that helped bring the word “special” back into the specialty coffee world.

We have overcome many challenges over the past couple of years, from dealing with the struggling economy, unexpected challenges and events, reorganizing the entire Zoka staff from upper management to the coffee roasters and production, our sales team to the accounting department and all the way to the baristas and managers in the stores. We have organized and fine tuned and professionalized, and I am very proud to say, we have a staff unequaled in it’s focus to quality coffee, a quality establishment, and dedication to the unselfish service to our customers… and the ultimate success of our company as a whole.

I now think that we finally have the team that can and will take Zoka to heights that we have, until now, only aspired to.

Starting with the coffee, we will and already have begun traveling to find those gem coffees that can only be found by visiting the special farms which we have discovered over the past ten years in all of our coffee farm and Cup of Excellence travels. We have established many direct relationships and will establish many more as we seek out our favorite coffees.

Our Cafes are now running better and more efficiently than ever, and we continue to tirelessly focus on our customers instead of ourselves. We really do have the best cafes in town, and with the renewed efforts to bring back our own baking and food preparation there will be no better place to enjoy coffee with friends and family.

Our Roasting crew has matured, and has taken our roasting facility, organized it, and made it the respectable establishment it needs to be in order to roast the great coffees we have- a reflection of the very special service and quality that each of our customers deserve.

Our Wholesale division is now made of the type of professionals who really care about our customers and the quality of our coffee. Our sales staff is rock solid, honest and dedicated to our mission both inside and out. Our training staff are the best we have ever had- mission focused and selfless in execution.

I don’t want to leave out our accounting division for that is the department until now that has been our weakest link… let it be known that this is no longer the case. Without a great financial team, our company is a ship without a rudder, unable to find it’s way. We have a very solid rudder and we are tracking quite nicely- thank you.

So Alen, and team…I have the utmost confidence in your abilities to make this company one of the greatest coffee companies ever. No, it wont be easy, but it will be a blast and great rewards lie ahead for all of us.

So hang on, grab your mug, this is going to be a hell of a ride and an unbelievably great one at that. The Zoka State of the Union is the best it has ever been and a very solid one moving forward for 2012.

Jeff Babcock
President and CEO