Jared’s and Nick’s Coffee Tour: Volume 2

It's time for another installment of Jared and Nick's Wholesale Adventures. Last time we joined our heroes they were headed west along the Hood Canal. This time their voyage brought them east into the high desert of Eastern Washington. Brulant was the destination and all that separated our brave wholesale team was a mountain range, 102 degree weather, a potential UFO crash site, and lots of scenic views.

As usual, our voyage began at the Greenlake Zoka location. Brad Terry was all smiles (despite it being 6 am) as he made two amazing pour overs of our Sumatra Permata Gayo to give us the energy for the four-hour drive ahead of us.

If you have ever wondered about the ecological diversity of the great state of Washington, the drive from Seattle to Kennewick highlights every element one could hope for. Driving through the lush green of Snoqualmie Pass leads into the abundant farm lands of the Yakima Valley and into the high deserts of Manastash Ridge (elv. 2672 ft.), finally leveling off as we drove along the Columbia River entering into the Tri-Cities. Each shift in ecosystem lead to a shift in the music, our journey being scored by The Knife, Earth, ZZ Top, and Oasis. Coming from the Seattle metropolitan area, the vast expansive beauty of the drive along I-82 took our breath away. Brulant is the crown jewel of the Kennewick coffee scene, offering service that can't be matched. Walking in we were greeted with huge smiles from Carli, Ashley, Molly, and Kelsey who were working hard to ensure that each and every customer walked out happy. Serving Zoka coffee in all of its iterations, Brulant is your one stop for espresso, drip, iced, and all things in-between. Brulant will take your order with a smile in whatever way you can get to them: for here, to-go, or drive up.

Brittnay/Kelsey from Brulant Great coffee, great environment and great service; sounds like a Zoka Wholesale account to us! Next time you are driving through Kennewick stop by either of Brulant's locations for a coffee break while on the open road. Tell them that Jared and Nick sent you. 3419 W. Clearwater Ave. Kennewick, WA 99336, 1900 N. Steptoe Kennewick, WA 99336