Jared’s and Nick’s Coffee Tour: Volume 1

Zoka Coffee cravings are not unheard of. And it may seem like those of you outside of the Seattle area are just out of luck. But wait! You don't have to worry: Zoka sells their delicious brews wholesale to coffee shops and cafes all over! Here is the tale of two Zoka roastmasters on their way to check in with a Zoka's wholesale coffee shop: Hoodsport Coffee Company. Enjoy!

The Coffee Tour

by: Jared and Nick Our voyage began at dawn. Our destination: the Hoodsport Coffee Company. We started the journey with a stop at Greenlake Zoka for espresso and pour overs. Luke Grey and Prestin Yoder provided the fuel that we needed for the drive to Hoodsport. It was still early... Rain beset us as we sped down I-5, but we persisted onwards toward our goal. The rain let up by the time we reached Tacoma, allowing us to gaze upon the majestic beauty of the Tacoma Dome (the world's largest wood structured arena). Oh, and the mountains looked alright. Driving past military homes and the occasional bunny rabbit we headed into Olympia for a coffee pit-stop with a Zoka friend.

Olympia Pit Stop

After sampling some amazing single origin coffees from our friends at Olympia Coffee Roasters and spending time with former Zoka Trainer Robbie Britt, we headed back onto long, winding Highway 101 on our way to Hoodsport. Clear skies revealed the true splendor of the Olympic Peninsula. Mountains and tall trees were all that could be seen for miles, broken up by the occasional espresso drive through. This may be the backwoods, but it is still espresso country. We spotted Hood Canal and knew that we were almost there. The beauty of the canal was only overshadowed by the countless fireworks stands. We could have picked up enough fire power to bring down the Space Needle. Foregoing the purchase of fire crackers (much to Jared's dismay), we pulled into our destination at the Hoodsport Coffee Company. We were created with big smiles, firm handshakes, delicious coffee, and tasty buckets of Olympia Mountain Ice Cream. Rich, Susan, and Linda run a great shop with plenty of options -- and did we mention the ice cream?!?
The age old mystery of where to get a great cup of Zoka Coffee with a scoop of smooth ice cream on the side is now solved: Hoodsport Coffee Company. Great coffee, great environment, and great service - yep, sounds like a Zoka Wholesale account to us. The next time you are driving through Hoodsport on the 101 make sure to stop by for a cup and a cone. Tell them Jared and Nick sent you. One Love, Jared and Nick PS: If you need to take the edge off, stop by Hoodsport Wine Company for the best bottle of rhubarb wine this side of the Mississippi.